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Morrison Container Handling Solutions

Specialty: Timing Screws, Stars and Guides, Adjustable Rails

Features/Benefits: Morrison individually crafts standard infeed and special function timing screws for your container and packaging system. Free standing custom drive assemblies are available as is quick change, no tools hardware designed to reduce setup time, and stars and guides for all packaging machinery. Infinitely adjustable auto adjust rails are also available!

TEL: (708) 756-6660
FAX: (708) 756-6620
Contact: Seth Licke, Sarah Heiny

Rainbow Rubber & Plastics, Inc.

Product Specialty: Specialty Belting for Specific Applications

Features/Benefits: Truly endless mandrel made belts for machines used in the paper, wire and cable, woodworking, and the food industry are available through Rainbow. Many belts are in stock ready for immediate shipment.

TEL: 1-888-438-2446
FAX: (610) 373-7448
Contact: Kathleen Christie, Teodora Cappello

Visuro, LLC

Specialty: Liquid Filling Machines, 90° Conveyor Turn Discs, Specialty Accessories
Features/Benefits: Can fill thick, thin, and foamy products accurately (within ± 0.5% of volume). Quick changeover with automatic controls. 90° turns can be accomplished with straight conveyors using Visuro’s Turn Discs.

TEL: 1-952-233-1441
Contact: Brian Ramnarain